Regulations of the Festival-Contest

International music Festival-Contest "Music of the World" (Israel 29.03.2020 -2.04.2020)


The main goal of the international Festival-Contest "Music of the World" is the identification and support of musically-talented children and young people engaged in vocal and instrumental creativity in a classical manner. The Festival-Contest gives an opportunity to a wide range of young musicians to demonstrate their creative abilities in the field of vocal and instrumental creativity and promote popularization of Classical music art in the world.

About the Contest

Anyone who wishes, aged from 6 to 36, soloists and ensembles, regardless of where they live, can take part in the international Festival-Contest "Music of the World". 
For many participants of the contest these are the first steps to success, the first vivid emotions and an opportunity to showcase themselves from the best side.

Goals of the Contest

Moral education of children and youth, strengthening of interest in culture and art,
establishment and expansion of friendly relations between representatives of different countries with musicians and teachers of Israel, acquaintance with the musical life of the country, its traditions and the place of Israeli culture as an integral part of the world cultural heritage.

Addresses of the Contest


The rules of the Festival-Contest

Competitive auditions are held publicly in one round.
The order of performances at the contest is determined by the organizing committee.
Any changes in the program should be submitted to the organizing committee no later than 1 month before the start of the contest.
Foreign citizens-participants of the contest must obtain medical insurance for the whole period of their stay in Israel.

Rules of participation

Age from 6 to 36 years.
The participant of the contest must perform two different musical works of different epochs and styles. A participant of the contest is welcome to perform works of the country, which he (she) represents.

Duration  of performance

Participants in age group:
From 6 to 11 years - in the competitive program for all nominations it is necessary to perform 1-2 works with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.
From 12 to 15 years - in the competitive program for all categories: it is necessary to perform 1-2 works with a total duration of no more than 15 minutes.
From 16 to 36 years - in the competitive program for all categories: it is necessary to perform 1-2 works with a total duration of no more than 20 minutes.


  1. Vocal work (academic vocal, solo)
  2. Instrumental creativity (piano, solo)
  3. Instrumental creativity (string instruments, solo)
  4. Instrumental creativity (wind instruments, solo)
  5. Ensembles (from 2 to 20 performers)
Attention: the full age of participants in groups is determined on the day of the contest (average age).

The participants of the contest are divided into age categories

  • 1st age group -  6 - 8 years inclusive
  • 2nd age group - 9-11 years inclusive
  • 3rd age group - 12-15 years inclusive
  • 4th age group - 16-20 years inclusive
  • 5th age group - 21-36 years inclusive.


1. Duets
2. The trio, quartets, quintets
3. Ensembles from 6 to 10 people inclusive
4. Ensembles from 11 to 15 people inclusive
5. Ensembles from 16 to 20 people inclusive
In case of exceeding the established time limit, the jury has the right to interrupt the performance of the contestant.
The age of the performers is determined on the day when the competition starts. Age of participants can be verified by documents by the Chairman of the Jury or the Director of the Competition.
The management of the contest reserves the right to combine the nominations if necessary.
The contest program is evaluated by an independent jury, which includes honored artists.
The order of performances at the contest is determined by the organizing committee, professionals, and professional instructors.
The jury has the right: to split, not to award all prizes or to award special prizes. The jury' decision is final and not subject to change.


  1. Vyacheslav Ganelin - Israel 
  2. Meir Vizel - Israel
  3. Igor Epstein - Germany
  4. Dmitry Sheinkman  - Israel
  5. Eli Raikhlin - Israel

Jury evaluation criteria

1) Nomination "Instrumental creativity"  (solo, ensembles):
  • the degree of mastery of the instrument;
  • the purity of intonation;
  • the musical structure;
  • the complexity of the repertoire;
  • the correspondence of the contest program to the age characteristics of the participants.
2) Nomination "Vocal Art" (solo, ensemble):
  • performing skills;
  • Intonation;
  • ensemble structure;
  • complexity of the repertoire;
  • artistic expressiveness;
  • stage performance.
3) Nomination "Ensemble":
  • the degree of possession of the instrument;
  • the purity of intonation;
  • musical structure;
  • the complexity of the repertoire;
  • the correspondence of the contest program to the age characteristics of participants;
  • coherency and harmonious performance.

Prizes and awards

Following the results of the contest, participants are awarded:
  1. Grand Prix in each nomination in the specialty
  2. Prizes and diplomas of the laureate of I, II, III degrees,
  3. Various other Diplomas and Certificates,
  4. The Diploma of the participant.

Organizational and technical requirements

1. Competitive performance for participants of nominations academic vocal, string instruments, wind instruments are conducted only under "live" accompaniment. The performed repertoire must necessarily correspond to the age of the participant.
Attention: The Organizing Committee can provide an accompanist (for an additional fee); provided that the request is filed in the application and music material is provided (in the form of an Internet file) no later than February 25, 2020
2. The participants agree to perform for free in all events and concerts organized by the committee. The Organizing Committee of the Festival has the right to use and distribute (without payment of fees to participants and guests of the festival) audio and video recordings, printed and other kinds of; items produced during the festival.
3. Video recording during the contest is strictly prohibited.
4. Failure to comply with the terms of the Contest Regulations will result in cancellation of the participation in competitive events.
5. The stated program of performance of the participants cannot be changed after the confirmation of the application by the organizer of the festival-contest.
6. The approved order of the participants' numbers is drawn up taking into account the time for preparation for the next contestant and is not subject to change.
7. If necessary, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the festival's schedule, to limit the acceptance of applications or to refuse admission of the application without explaining the reasons.


To participate in the Festival-Contest "Music of the World" it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
To fill in the following documents on the website of the Festival Organizing Committee: till 24:00 on February 15, 2020
  1. Application form for participant or ensemble
  2. Copy of passport or birth certificate
  3. Receipt with registration fee payment
  4. 2 photos
  5. A copy of  health insurance  should be provided upon arrival in Israel (upon registration)
In completing the application:
  1. Indicate the age of the participant - the date of birth full age at time of the Contest.
  2. Specify the initials of the composer of the performed work
  3. Specify the length of time of the performance. 
  4. Full name. The teacher (in full)
  5. E-mail required
When filling out the form, all required documents (2 photos, Biography in English, musical material ...) must be sent to the contest email:

Registration of the participant is carried out at submission of a full package of documents  til 24:00 February 15, 2020.
After the end of the registration date indicated on the site of the international festival “Music of the World”, the amount of the registration fee is not refundable.
Competitive expenses are incurred by the sending party.

Financial conditions

Registration fees for participation in the contest are:
Solo artists
From 6 to 11 years old - $110 Euro
From 12 to 15 years old - $140 Euro
From 16 to 36 years old -$160 Euro
Duets - 200 Euro
Trio, quartets, quintets - 250 Euro
Ensembles from 6 to 10 people inclusive - 300 Euro
Ensembles from 11 to 15 people inclusive - 400 Euro
Ensembles from 16 to 20 people inclusive - 500 Euro

Organizing Committee

Public Organisaition (PO) "A.R.E.L" N 850650885
"Titora" Institute of Art Development
Eli Raikhlin - General director, Artistic director of the festival-contest
(+972 522 420696)

Shmuel Ben-Zvi - Head of the Festival-Contest Press Center
( +972 523-830105 )
Kety Green - Coordinator of pianoforte and vocal
(+972 545 300193)

Eylon Pedinovsky  - Coordinator in Canada (Ottawa, +1 819-328-5314)
E-mail :

Nathalie Epstein - Coordinator in Germany (Cologne 
+49(0)172 4437572)

Lana Farber - Coordinator in Netherlands 
(Amsterdam,  +31 646097719)

Inna Yakovleva - coordinator in Russia (Moscow, +79604598451)

Natalia Barabanschikova - coordinator for Moldova (Chisinau, +37379636301)


Phone: +972 8 970 1096 (call from 9 to 19 hours).
Fax: +972 153 8 970 1097