Archive Musicoftheworld 2018: Jury

Vyacheslav Ganelin (Israel)

One of the outstanding composers and jazz performers of our time. Professor of the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Member of the Union of Composers of Israel, Laureate of the State Prize of Israel, laureate of the State Prize of Lithuania.

Vladimir Skorokhodov (Belarus)

Clarinetist, teacher, public figure.
Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Ph.D. in Philosophy.
Doctor of Cultural Studies.
Wooden Wind Instruments Department Chairman, Professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Music.

Mikhail Kazinik (Sweden)

Violinist and the pianist, the outstanding public figure, the educator, the art critic, professor of Drama institute of Stockholm and the Higher school of business of Scandinavia. Member of International association of writers and publicists, expert of the Nobel concert. 

Mikhail Svetlov (USA)

Bass, soloist of the Metropolitan opera, the outstanding soloist of the opera. He is one of the brightest representatives of brilliant bass vocal technique tradition developed by great Fedor Shalyapin. At the same time he is an outstanding actor whose thin interpretation always uniquely corresponds to styles, whims and words of each musical work. Mikhail Svetlov is the winner of international contest of opera singers in Italy, the nominee of Grammy award.

Ata-Antonina Svetlova (USA)

Soloist, Harpist, Instructor. After her musical school graduation, she received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Pre-Moscow Conservatory.  Then she attended Moscow State Conservatory in class by O. Erdeli, where she received a Master of Music degree for harp performer and teacher. 
During education, A.Svetlov was already soloist of Moscow Philharmonic.

Dr. Meir Wiesel (Israel)

Pianist, conductor, public figure.
Founder of the Israeli piano quartet "Octopus". Member of the music committee "Sal Tarbut Artzi".

Stanislav Solovyov (Russia)

The masterly pianist-soloist and concertmaster, the bright representative of St.Petersburg piano school.
The winner of many international competitions. In 2011 gained the diploma “Best concertmaster” at the XIV International competition of Tchaikovsky. Since 2012 is one of the youngest teachers of St.Petersburg State conservatories of N.Rimsky-Korsakov.

Andrey Chystyakov (Russia)

Masterly violinist, the polystylist, the improvisator. He graduated Moscow State Conservatory of P.I. Tchaikovsky, class of professor Eduard Grach, postgraduate study in MSC of P.I. Tchaikovsky. The violinist-soloist of MKFO "Mosconcert", cooperates with the leading Moscow record companies, private recording studios and various creative academic and also Gipsy collectives.

Igor Epstein (Germany)

Violinist, viola player, double bass player. Professor, 
Rector of the Academy of Music of the Peoples of the World, Klezmer and Aesthetics "Weltmusik, Klezmer & Asthetik Akademie" (Cologne)

Eli (Iliya) Raikhlin (Israel)

Pianist, conductor, music critic, teacher.
The author and publisher of a number of educational and teaching aids for music.
The founder and owner, General Director of the Music Centre "Titora Institute of Art Development" (Modiin, Israel), which this year celebrates 24 years. 
General Director and Artistic Director International Festival - Contest "Music of the World".