The contest program is evaluated by an independent jury, which includes honored artists a professional musicians  and  teachers.
The jury has the right: to split, not to award all prizes or to award special prizes. The jury's decision is final and not subject to change.

Jury evaluation criteria

1. Nomination "Instrumental creativity" (solo, ensembles,):
  • The degree of possession of the instrument;
  • The purity of intonation;
  • The musical structure;
  • The complexity of the repertoire;
  • The correspondence of the contest program to the age characteristics of the participants.
2. Nomination "Vocal Art" (solo, ensemble):
  •  Performing skills;
  •  Intonation;
  •  Ensemble structure;
  •  Complexity of the repertoire;
  •  Artistic expressiveness;
  •  Stage performance
Vyacheslav Ganelin (Israel)

Vyacheslav Ganelin (Israel)

One of the outstanding composers and jazz performers of our time. Professor of the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Member of the Union of Composers of Israel, Laureate of the State Prize of Israel, laureate of the State Prize of Lithuania, actively performing, the artistic director of the Jerusalem Jazz Festival "Jazz Globe", the author of music for more than 30 performances and 6 musicals, 3 operas, 50 songs , Music to more than 60 movies.
  • 1988 - a teacher of the jazz department of the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance. Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2012 - Professor of the Department of Cross-Discipline Music of the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance. Jerusalem, Israel
 Worked and took part:
  • Union of Composers in the USSR1970-1987;
  • The Union of Composers in Israel since 1988;
  • Academy of Music and Dance. Rubina Israel since 1988;
  • Since 2002 - director and director of the annual International Jazz Festival "Jazz Globe", which was held in the Israeli capital Jerusalem.
Awards and achievements:
  • Prize (Bravo-2002) for contribution to the development of Lithuanian pop culture.
  • In 2003, the Republic of Lithuania granted V. Ganelin the “Order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vitówt” for contribution to the development of Lithuanian culture;
  • Laureate of the Landau Prize for Jazz Music (2005) in Israel;
  • Prize "Golden disc" (2010) for composer and jazz pianist in Lithuania.
  • National Award of Culture and Art of Lithuania (2016)).

Liudmila Klindukhova (Belarus)

Professor, Head of the Department of Brass and Percussion Instruments of the Belarusian State Academy of Music (BGAM).
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Percussion Associations.
Winner of international competitions. Prepared over 30 performers on percussion instruments.
Member of the National Jury and international competitions.
Holder of various government awards.


Vasili Klindukhou (Belarus)

Soloist of the troupe of the State Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus. .
Associate Professor, Department of Singing  Belarusian State Academy of Music (BGAM). .
Winner of international competitions.
He performed with concerts in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, etc.
Member of the jury of national and international competitions. 
He brought up more than 20 laureates-vocalists of various international competitions.


Igor Epstein (Germany)

Violinist, viola player, double bass player. Professor, 
Rector of the Academy of Music of the Peoples of the World, Klezmer and Aesthetics "Weltmusik, Klezmer & Asthetik Akademie" (Cologne) - is known as a talented musician who devotes much time and energy to the revival of traditional Jewish culture and educational activities. 
His brilliant lectures on the history of Jewish culture are heard by audiences in many countries around the world. In Europe - known not only as a virtuoso performer, but also as a showman, who combines elements of folklore, jazz and classics with Jewish humor.  
All in all, his native music language is Klezmer.


Dmitry Sheinkman (Israel)

Professor of the Rostov State Conservatory (Academy) them. S.V. Rachmaninov (Russia) and the Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna (Israel), laureate of an international competition, performer, teacher and conductor. He performed with concerts in Germany, France, Israel, Great Britain, Namibia, South Africa. In Russia, he is known as a teacher who created his own school of violin playing, who brought up a whole galaxy of brilliant performers. A participant in such festivals as the Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein festivals, the S.Prokofiev festival in Great Britain. For 22 years he headed the department of stringed instruments of the SSMS at the Rostov Conservatory (Academy). He brought up more than 30 laureates of international competitions. The author of teaching aids on the history and theory of performing art, methods of teaching the violin and viola. Awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation, is the owner of the Grant of the Russian Performing Arts (Russian Golden Talent) Foundation.


Eli (Iliya) Raikhlin (Israel)

Eli (Iliya) Raikhlin (Israel)

Pianist, conductor, music critic, teacher.
Honored Worker of Culture of Poland.
Laureate of international festivals and competitions ( Russia, Belarus, Thailand, Poland, Germany, France, USA, Israel).
Conducted "Master Classes" in Germany, Poland, the United States and Israel.
The founder and artistic director of the children, youth, adult jazz orchestras in different years.
A member of the jury of many international competitions and festivals (Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Israel...).
Member of the Organizing Committee and member of the international music congresses and conferences (Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain...).
The author and publisher of a number of educational and teaching aids for music.
The founder and owner, General Director of the Music Centre "Titora Institute of Art Development" (Modiin, Israel), which this year celebrates 25 years. 
General Director and Artistic Director International Festival - Contest "Music of the World"