International Festival-Contest "Music of the World"

Kety Green

Chairman of the Association “A.R.E.L” (PO). Deputy Director of the  “Titora”  Institute of Art  Development. Head of international projects.

Shmuel Ben-Zvi

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Journalists, Tel-Aviv. Former director of International radio broadcasting on IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority), Jerusalem.

Ella Pasik

Music Director of the Culture Department of Petah Tikva Municipality. Artistic director  of international festivals and competitions. Piano performer.

Marina Golikov

Marina Golikova. Musician, singer and teacher. The founder and owner of “MMStudio – Web Development / Graphic Design”.

Olga Gelfand

Producer, Chairman of Association «Moscow» (Israel), member of Coordinating Council of the Compatriots of Russia in Israel.

Alex Wexler

Military political observer radio and television, publicist.