International Festival-Contest "Music of the World"

Festival-Contest Nominations

  • Vocal work (academic vocal, solo)
  • Instrumental creativity (piano, solo)
  • Instrumental creativity (string instruments, solo)
  • Instrumental creativity (wind and percussion instruments, solo)
  • Ensembles (from 2 to 20 performers)
  • Composition
  • Folk music
  • Jewish music
  • Jazz and Pop music

Attention: the full age of participants in teams is determined on the day of the contest (average age).

The participants of the contest are divided into age categories

1st age group –   6 – 8  years inclusive

2nd age group –  9-11 years inclusive

3rd age group – 12-15 years inclusive

4th age group – 16-20 years inclusive

5th age group – 21-36 years inclusive.


  1. Duets
  2. The trio, quartets, quintets
  3. Ensembles from 6 to 10 people inclusive
  4. Ensembles from 11 to 15 people inclusive
  5. Ensembles from 16 to 20 people inclusive


In case of exceeding the established time limit, the jury has the right to interrupt the performance of the contestant.
The age of the performers is determined on the day when the contest starts. Age of participants can be verified with documents by the Chairman of the Jury or the Director of the Contest.
The management of the contest reserves the right to combine the nominations in other groups if necessary.